Dr Jennifer Bryce General Practitioner

Dr Jennifer Bryce is an experienced GP who has provided services at the Dunsborough Medical Centre for more than 10 years. Her special interests include women’s health, travel advice, men’s health, family and children’s health. Dr Bryce enjoys surfing, gardening and travelling.

Dr Mostyn Hamdorf General Practitioner

Dr Mostyn Hamdorf is a local graduate who has been a GP for over 30 years, and is a  Fellow of the College of Remote and Rural Medicine. His clinical interests include all aspects of family medicine, chronic disease management,  fertility management, women’s health, acupuncture and medical education. Dr Hamdorf has also been very active in the not for profit primary health care sector providing medical services for the disadvantaged through his involvement with GP Down South Pty Ltd.

Dr Christopher Jensen General Practitioner

Dr Christopher Jensen is an experienced GP who has practised at the Dunsborough Medical Centre for over 10 years. His special interests include skin cancer detection (Molescan services using Digital Dermatoscope – photographic detection technology) and surgical removal of skin lesions and moles. Dr Jensen also has a strong interest in men’s health, women’s health, children’s and family health.

Dr Andrew Lill General Practitioner

Dr Andrew Lill has provided medical care for generations of families in the Dunsborough / South West area of WA since 1982. He has special interest in aged care, and provides medical services to the nursing homes in Busselton. Dr Lill also provides anaesthetic services to the Busselton Health Campus for both resident and visiting surgeons.

Dr Matthew Moore General Practitioner

Born in Texas and USA Trained – Fellowed Family Physician; Australian Trained – Fellowed General Practitioner. Dr Moore’s special interests include emergency medicine, pain management, travel advice, adolescent health, men’s health, women’s health, mental health, chronic disease management, family medicine. Dr Moore is an avid mountain-biker and enjoys spending time in the outdoors.

Dr Sally Jane Garnett General Practitioner

Dr Sally Garnett is an experienced GP who has lived in Yallingup for the duration of her medical career. Her special interests include women’s health, family and children’s health, adolescent health, and management of fractures. Dr Garnett enjoys surfing and camping in the outdoors.

Dr Kara Whittaker General Practitioner

Dr Kara Whittaker enjoys consulting in all aspects of general practice and been  practising in the Dunsborough and Busselton regions for 14 years. Dr Whittaker has a strong interest in women’s health, family and children’s health, and chronic disease management.

Dr Pamela Burgar General Practitioner

Dr Pamela Burgar graduated from UWA in 1983 and has been in General Practice for the last 30 years in Cottesloe, Bunbury and more recently Dunsborough. She has a special interest in Skin Cancer Medicine and has post graduate qualifications in the diagnosis (dermoscopy) and in the management of skin cancers. She is able to undertake a wide range of skin cancer surgery including skin grafts and flaps if required. Dr Burgar also enjoys and has extensive experience in all aspects of General Practice including women’s health, paediatrics, chronic disease management, and mental health.

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